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Palm and Coconut oil Benefits: When Fat is good for you!
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Written By Linda Everett
Friday, 26 July 2013

You've no doubt noticed that for about the last 60 years, the majority of health care officials and the media have been telling you saturated fats are bad for your health and lead to a host of negative consequences, including high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.
Meanwhile during this same 60 years, the American levels of heart disease, obesity, elevated serum cholesterol and Alzheimer's have skyrocketed.
Did you know that multiple studies on Pacific Island populations who get 30-60 percent of their total caloric intake from fully saturated palm oil and coconut oil have all shown nearly non-existent rates of cardiovascular disease?(1)
The fact is, all saturated fats are not created equal. 
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Unraveling The Mystery Behind the Anti-Palm Oil NGO’s actions

Written By Martin Harris
Friday, 19 July 2013

For many years Lake Okeechobee, in Florida, hid secrets beneath the water and thick layers of muck. However, the water level in the lake was shrunk to its lowest point since 1932 when a severe drought struck in 2007. This exposed all the dirty hidden secrets that lay at the bottom for hundreds of years. Archaeologists’ uncovered boats, artifacts, and even human bone fragment.
The unveiling of Lake Okeechobee’s secrets was cause for celebration and excitement, certainly for the archeologists who will be able to piece together more mysteries from our history. Sadly not all secret uncovering are as welcoming. 
The anti-palm oil NGOs that have been dedicating a lot of time and effort into what is essentially a massive smear campaign can be likened to the dirty hidden secrets of Lake Okeechobee. On the surface they appear to be innocent enough, masquerading as groups that are primarily concerned with environmental and welfare issues, but dive down beneath the murky depths of their hype and manufactured claims and the mystery really starts to piece together the reason behind their actions.    
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Red Palm Oil - An alternative therapy?

Written By Martin Harris
Friday, 12 July 2013

Red palm oil, or Elaeis guineensis, is far from a new discovery in alternative therapy. This ancient botanical, generally agreed to have existed since the earth's inception, began as a consumer product in West Africa. Although red palm oil sounds like a luxurious suntan lotion, its utility is far more important.
Red palm oil, so named for its deep red-orange hue, is high in beta-carotene. It is rich in other antioxidants as well, especially those that assist in healthy metabolism of serum lipids. Carotenoids, phytosterols, vitamin E, and vitamin A are particularly abundant in red palm oil.1

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